Many people tend to undermine the positive effect of trees in our environment. You can’t imagine what the world would be without trees; this is one of the lifelong investments you should own or at least, in this case, grow. The only way to get a tree to grow to its full size is getting the tree to a healthy start. How do you do this?  Not to worry, We will be sharing that with you shortly.  Generally speaking, when it comes to tree planting in Austin, you need to know when to plant, the steps, and why you need to plant trees in the first place (the benefits).

The right time to plant Trees in Austin, Tx

The right time to plant a tree is during the dormant season; which includes in the early spring before bud-break or in the fall after leaf drop. During these periods, weather conditions are suitable, good enough to allow plants to grow firm root in the new location before it rains (in the springs) and summer (when the heat usually stimulate the new top growth). Although container trees, balled or burlapped tree can be planted throughout the season, all it needs is the proper care. If you stay in the tropical or subtropical climatic region, you can plant trees any time you want; all you need to do is make sure the tree gets sufficient water.

Steps for planting a tree.

  • Look for the underground utilities before digging.
  • Take note of the trunk flare – this is where the trunk expands at the base of the tree.
  • Dig a planting hole – it should be broad but shallow – Austin Tree planting recommends a hole that is 2 – 3 times wider than the root of the tree.
  • Cutaway the wire basket or remove the containers – find the container tree root ball, after inspection, cut, straighten or remove altogether.
  • Next, place your tree at the right height – that’s why you’ve got to make sure the hole has the correct depth.
  • Now, straighten the tree in the hole.
  • Once the tree is straightened into the hole, fill it (the hole) gently but make sure it is firm.
  • Quick tip – Stake the tree. This is often ignored, but it helps the tree grow strong roots.
  • Mulch the base – the base of the tree should be mulched at the bottom of the tree.
  • Maintenance – provide follow-up care.

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Why do I need to plant a tree?

  • TreeHelpAustin believes that tree planting is a legacy worth living.
  • Having three trees placed ‘strategically’ around your home helps to cut summer air conditioning needs by 50 percent.
  • It helps prevent soil erosion.
  • Planting trees is one of the ways to prevent water pollution.
  • They reduce mental fatigue – studies show that having a tree outside your home helps to reduce mental fatigue.
  • It increases your property values – with the help of our Austin Tree Planting Service, getting a well-planted tree beautifies the environment and ultimately adds more value to your property.

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Do You Provide Tree Planting Service Near Me?

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